Doi Inthanon Elephant Care

Founded by a Karen hill-tribe family, Doi Inthanon Elephant Park maintains the local traditions in an eco-friendly environment! Over generations our family has lived and worked with elephants and now it's our turn, as grandchildren, to take over this custom. In the past our grandparents used the elephants for logging at the Thai -Myanmar border which has led to some of the elephants getting injured or even losing their legs because of landmines in this area.

Eco Friendly

In the modern days our elephants are not used for labour anymore and we have learned to create an enjoyable and relaxed environment for them. We want to share our passion for these amazing animals with you. Visiting our Doi Inthanon Elephant Care Centre, you can learn and experience first-hand how to take care of our elephants. There is no riding or any other activities which are not natural for the animals . A day trip with Doi Inthanon Elephant Care will be for sure an unforgettable memory!

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Safety is our main priority!

Baby elephants sometime play too rough.
The safety of the people as the safety of the elephants must be considered. At all the time.

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